Sharat Chandra Srivastava

Music Collaborations

Sharat has over the years collaborated with musicians all over the world which has not only heightened his understanding but given him exposure to such contrasting styles of music.

Two Indian classical musicians and two Scottish traditional musicians combine their influences to play music which shows that there are no boundaries between them. Starting with their first album, 'Reels and Ragas' they have developed, over the past few years, a sound which reflects the broad common ground between their traditions. Many raga gats (themes), particularly those from the borders of the Himalayas, have close relatives in the melodies of the Scottish highlands and islands, and for both of them the drone sounds of the bagpipes or the tampura play an important part in the music.

India Alba has has been very active lately and has played in some big Festivals in Scotland and India including the most popular 'The Piping Festival' and 'The Celtic Conncetions' in Scotland.

'This band have a sound of their own which is not an imitation of any other band or genre. Their strong melodies are supported by having an excellent balance between sur and tal (melody and rhythm). I have seen Sharat's playing growing over the years and his involvement in many different fields of music, so I am happy to hear this new development where he has collaborated with these three other fine musicians.' .....Ustad Amjad Ali Khan

'About four years ago I had a great musical evening with Sharat and Nigel sharing their improvisations on whistle and small pipes, and was taken aback by how often particular modes and notational progressions reminded me of Gaelic songs or tunes from our own tradition in Scotland. When I heard the CD, where they are joined by Gyan on tabla and Ross on pipes and whistle, it reminded me of the optimism and ideas expressed that night, of collaborations like this being followed through. I hope there will be many more expressions of kindred spirits at this musical level.' ......Allan Macdonald (Glenuig)

He is currently working on a World Music project 'Mrigya' which he started in 1999, giving the audiences in India and the West a blend of Indian Classical Ragas with blues, jazz and other forms of music. The band has been conferred with the coveted Herald Angel Award, presented by the Herald Newspaper for the excellence in music, dance, drama and theatre apart from a Five Star rating at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, U.K. 2002.

One album old and numerous concerts across towns and cities in India to Europe, Africa, Australia and Russia, they've composed countless tunes while experimenting wildly with different genres and carrying on exploring the endless frontiers of their musicianship.

The Ramajaz fusion band has produced two albums in the space of two years, and the music is a mix of Indian, latin, flamenco, tango and jazz. When Dimitri, a top Greek saxophonist, and Sharat, classical Indian violinist, were touring Europe in June 2006, they joined Ramajaz in London, for a stunning evening of Indojazz. This culminated into the making of their 2nd album "Chennai Flamenco' which was subsequently released.

LA BOUM! is a Scottish band with a unique and instantly recognisable sound. Drawing inspiration from all over the world the music is essentially song driven, at once highly danceable and delicate. The sound of La Boum! is a big one. The ten piece is distinguished by the guitar and voice of Tom Salter, which bring echoes of the music and musicians he has worked with in Africa. Tom's lead vocal is complemented by a horn section and 3 piece vocal section, Wee Free.

Sharat was invited to join them in the recording of their album 'Marionette' which was released in 2005. The horn and vocal sections give the band a big sound live and this big sound has been boosted on Marionette by Sharat Chandra Srivastava on violin and Athar Hussein on tablas, by the precise percussion of the Peatbog Faeries Iain Copeland and the beautiful voice of Eliza Carthy.
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