Sharat Chandra Srivastava
Owing allegiance to the 'Senia Gharana', Sharat has been active on the performing circuit for over 25 years. His distinct experimental approach led him to dabble with various genres of music. Sharat is both a Hindustani classical musician and a rock musician. As one of the leading classical violinists in north India, he has toured in many different parts of the world giving performances of Indian classical music, and also as the leader of the Delhi based fusion group Mrigya.
Latest videos
Raag Bhimpalasi live in California
Raag Puriya Kalyan live in Amsterdam
Independence Gala 2017 in London

Upcoming concerts
09.08.2019 - Nehru Centre, London, UK
13.08.2019 - Queens Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland
14.08.2019 - Pianodrome, Edinburgh, Scotland
15.08.2019 - Pianodrome, Edinburgh, Scotland
16.08.2019 - Out of the Blue, Edinburgh, Scotland
17.08.2019 - Out of the Blue, Edinburgh, Scotland
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